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Let The Knowledge Flow To Save The World

In this globalizing world communication and communication technology has become vital in most of the things we do. All the technological advancements are focusing on further enhancing the possibility of going few more steps forward in communication services. Scientist are finding many possible ways to replace or to improve the current ways of communicating to come very closer to simulate real time face to face direct communication, which is hundred percent accurate and productive.

Though the technology has reached a level to communicate very accurately cutting close to the actual face to face direct communication, there are certain limitation which still push back few steps when comparing to natural direct communication. Infrastructure limitations, such as quality internet connectivity, high advance interactive tools, crystal clear monitors or screens etc.

The highest limitation that people are facing is the inability to travel very fast and be at the place that they are really wanted the most. Moreover, language barriers are ranking on the top. There are many translation services available such as Chinese to English translation service and to many other languages.

However, physical presence has also become a barrier due to lack of knowledge. For an example, if a specialized Dr. is required at an operation where the patient condition is very critical and the Dr. is out of country and he will take minimum few hours to return back and do the operation without any delay. In such a critical moment in this technologically advanced world still there are no many options to choose from. Though there are very fast jets available, it is highly unlikely to spend millions of dollars to travel from a country to another.

Furthermore, there are hope for these kinds of situation which is mentioned in the above paragraph however, those currently available options are very costly and it is impossible to bear or afford to a person, in this case a patient coming from a middle class family.

On the other hand, it is really essential to share the knowledge among the world and reduce these kinds of situation where the specific knowledge or skill lies with a single person. It is said that knowledge and information should always be shared with in the society and world to further improve the humanity and save many lives at many different situations and conditions. There are official translation services are available to translate different many languages to different other languages where people can gather knowledge and improve in every steps of the way to a better future.

Knowledge sharing has become a global practice in the world and through communication and communication technology it has become more reliable and easy when compared to those old days.